tiket gelang nidji


Tiket Gelang Nidji menjadi salah satu komponen pelengkap konser NIDJI. Tiket Gelang Nidji merupakan tiket gelang pengganti karcis sobek, sebagai tanda masuk penonton. Tiket Gelang Nidji terbuat dari bahan kertas anti air dan tidak mudah robek. Tiket gelang ini tidak mudah dipalsukan, sehingga relatif aman digunakan.

Tiket Gelang Nidji juga mudah dalam penggunaannya, selain itu tiket gelang ini dapat mempermudah identifikasi klas penonton dalam konser.

Terimakasih NIDJI telah mempercayakan Tiket Gelang Nidji  pada Juragan Gelang.


==== SEKILAS NIDJI ======

Nidji is a band from JakartaIndonesia. Formed in 2002, Nidji’s name comes from the Japanese word niji, meaning ‘rainbow’. Their music can be classified under alternative pop genre, and the band has cited Coldplay and The Killers as major influences.. The band consists of Giring Ganesha(vocalist), Andro (bassist), Run-D (keyboardist), Rama (guitarist), Ariel (guitarist), and Adri (drummer). They have released six singles so far including “Child”, “Sudah”, “Hapus Aku”, “Kau dan Aku”, “Disco Lazy Time” & “Biarlah”. Two of their singles, Heaven from Breakthru’ album and then Shadowtaken from Top Up album were used as background music in South-East Asian season promos for the popular television series Heroes, and they provided soundtrack music for the acclaimed Indonesian film Laskar Pelangi (film).

Their album, “Breakthru'” was released in 2006 with an English language version released the following year. The second, “Top Up”, was released in 2007.

Nidiji was initially formed in February 2002. The beginnings of Nidji came about through the friendship between Rama and Andro. Eventually with Ariel, who had joined the two, they wrote a song entitled “Maria”. However, “Maria” was not yet complete and still needed vocals. After Giring met with them he was able to complete “Maria” by giving it some vocals.

Afterwards, Andro recommended Adri who had often done jam sessions with him to fill the position of drummer. The four of them together (Ariel, Andro, Adri, and Giring) then invited Rama to join. At the beginning of April 2005, Nidji added another member so that the band totaled six musicians. This was a keyboardist named Randy who was also a close friend of Giring.



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